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specializes in adult and pediatric urology including treatment of prostate problems including cancer, bladder problems including cancer, kidney stones and removal, hydroceles, varicoceles, spermatoceles, erectile dysfunction, BPH, blood in urine, incontinence, recurrent UTIs, difficulty or inability to void, interstitial cycstitis and testicular/scrotal problems.
We perform the following procedures:

  Cryo Surgery
  Stent Removal
  Prostate biopsy
  Renal, bladder, scrotal and testicular ultrasound
  Penile dopplers
  TUNA (Transurethral Needle Ablation of Prostate)
  Fulguration of condyloma
  Bladder biopsy

Getting ready for your appointment:
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In Case of Emergency
If it is a life-threatening emergency, go immediately to the nearest emergency facility or hospital.

If not life-threatening, please call 330-456-6760. If our office is closed, our answering service will contact your physician.
Contact Us
Phone: (330) 456-6760
Fax:     (330) 452-4557

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Hospital Affiliations:
Mercy Medical Center
Aultman Hospital
Massillon Community Hospital
Doctors Hospital
Twin City Hospital
Akron General Hospital
Akron City Hospital
Barberton Citizens Hospital
Alliance Community Hospital

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